Info for NGOs

What is Asha for Education?

Asha for Education is an organization that promotes education of underprivileged children in India. Asha has no political/religious affiliations. Asha collects its funds through its own fund-raising activities and from donations from groups or individuals. For details see

Does my project qualify for Asha funding?

Briefly, we look for projects that:
  • deal with education (and perhaps related issues of vocational training, health care, school meals etc.) of underprivileged children in India
  • are strictly secular and expressly non-discriminatory (based on religion, color, race, caste, sex etc.) in their charter and implementation
  • are well-defined, have definite goals in the short term, and focus on self-sustainability in the long term

Where do I send my application?

We realize that you are involved in important work in India, and wish to make the process of applying for Asha collaboration as time-efficient as possible. The best way to apply is to complete the initial project proposal form and email it to us at
Please email us to receive the latest proposal form and to confirm we are accepting proposals.